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Ah! Art is not good for anything...

Why you better watch out for it!!!

You better do something useful with your time!

Working, making children and being good: that is what you are here on earth for.

Save your money for something sensible!

Buy a big house and impress the neighbors with a fancy car. Die Rich!

Stay away from those weirdos!

Artists are crazy. Sick in their heads. Watch out or they pollute your mind too!

Totally useless!

The world has no use for art. Who needs paintings? Poetry? Books? Music? Movies? Fashion? Theatre? Bwa...pussies!

Agree? Then quickly leave this page ... While you still can ...

Still reading? Watch out!

Art makes you feel

Art can give you shivers. Or tears. Or swagger.

Art makes you think

Your mind is fed by things that you would never experience without art.

Art makes you smile

You're going to relax. A smile appears on your face. And sometimes you even start to shock of laughter.

Art makes you do

You're going to do things. You'll start to take a different path. Your life will never be the same.

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Let wisdom rule the world. And let art be our guide.

Let art inspire you.

Make the world a little wiser.

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