Free trial on your wall

People often wonder: how does it work if I want a painting by Veerle Smet? Can I view it on site? What about the transport? What with the hanging? Can I also rent it? Or pay in installments? All kinds of practical questions to which you will receive an answer on this page. If something is still not clear or if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Most people come to an event first.


Now and then, there are events in my studio. You can then view my paintings in real life. Watching online is good but real is better. Usually there is also a (small) act. In any case, always pleasant. Feel free to drop by. Take a look at "Agenda" to see if there is a date that suits you.


Sometimes there are exhibitions in other locations. However, I try to limit that. Transport, construction, dismantling, permanence, ... : time in which you can do more fun things 🙂 If one is on the way, you can find it on the page "Agenda"


Do the dates of the events not suit you? Feel free to make an appointment to visit at a different time! Call or email me for an appointment. Take a look at "Contact" for my details.


Just a question? Would you like a personal chat? Difficult to get by? Would you like a meeting online? Also possible! We'll arrange a Google Meet. Call or email me for an appointment. Take a look at "Contact" for my details.

Most people request a trial placement there.

You only really see it on site

A painting interacts with its environment: the size, the format, the colours, the atmosphere ... You do not take any risk with a trial placement. I also advise you on the placement of the painting on the intended wall.

Your partner and roommates can participate in the decission

People often want to make a decision together. A trial placement gives everyone the opportunity to have their say and you can consult with your partner, your children and your housemates. Even the family, friends and acquaintances can come along!

It is delivered to your home and it is free

In Belgium and the Netherlands I will deliver the painting(s) free of charge. You can choose up to 3 paintings per wall. I bring it with me in my van. On site, you choose one per wall for the trial placement. I take the other paintings back with me again.

You get help hanging up

Depending on what suits you best, you can choose a fixed hook or a more flexible hanging system. Depending on the choice, I can help you implement it or advise you if you want to do it yourself or if you want to outsource it. So you are not on your own. Depending on the implementation, we will arrange this before or during the trial placement.

How long does the trial placement last?

You can enjoy the painting for free for a full month!

How about after that month?

The choice is yours!

You buy

The painting stays on the wall. You pay in one go or in a number of installments.

You rent

The painting stays on the wall. You pay an amount per month. Later on, you might choose an other painting to rent.

You stop

I pick up the painting again.

We discuss the selling price, the possible terms, the rental price, the conditions, etc. at the start of the trial placement. We put them on paper so there will be no surprises there!

See you soon?