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Many artists and creative entrepreneurs find it difficult to find their audience.

Everyone knows that he or she must be present on the internet. But how do you do that? Certainly if you are not an IT person, you do not dare to start. Besides, you don’t know how!

This is where can help you!

I’ve been an IT person since the late 80s. Have a look at my bio

In the process to online visibility, you first create a basic website in WordPress.

This site is also made in WordPress. Also the website of the web academy itself.

You will then learn to take all the next steps you want, in the extra modules that are in the pipeline: building a mailing list, creating landing pages for your events, being found by Google, advertising on Facebook, creating a webshop, …

You have the online course and additionally the “on-live” lessons and Q&As. That way you can get answers to your questions.

So you don’t have to do it alone. And you are also in contact with other creative entrepreneurs through the closed group and at the “on-live” meetings.

After corona there will also be live moments. This is how we become a real community 🙂

Are you also interested? Do you also want to find your audience? Check the site

Because, what is the chance that you will do it all on your own? No?

See you soon!

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