Life App: the ultimate game!

What if life was a game?

An app? A game on your phone called “Life App”?

  • What message would be shown on the screen?
  • What settings would we have to choose from?
  • What error messages would we see?

That is the premise of this series. Each work of art is like a print screen of this ultimate app we are all walking around in.

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Current setting: predestination with a mask of freedom of choice

acrylic lacquer on 18mm MDF - 120 cm by 120 cm (large)

AVAILABLE for sale (payment in 1 or more installments), rental or trial installation (free in Belgium and the Netherlands)

We have 3 options in our game “Life App” :

  1. freedom of choice
  2. predestination
  3. predestination with a mask of freedom of choice

Number 3 is the default setting   😉

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