Veerle Smet - instructeur informatica

My story

I love to play: with words, thoughts, images, colours… I also like to research, philosophize and reflect … And of doing, creating and doing business. So I rarely get bored 😉

On the one hand, I took lessons at various academies: painting, literary creation, performing arts and digital arts.

On the other hand, I obtained 2 bachelors: Informatics and Secondary Education Teacher. I first became an analyst-programmer and later an IT instructor.  I now only teach adults.

In the Amsterdam Art Center I followed the training to become an ART-repreneur. There, my entrepreneurial skills were mainly practiced.

And at KDG Hogeschool in Antwerp, I recently obtained the postgraduate degree in Digital Business.

Living Art Productions (LAP)

As an independent artist I make paintings, texts and digital work.

At the time, I named my business “Living Art Productions”, or “LAP” for short, because I like living art from living people. And also art for the living room, yes 😉

With my work, I want to inspire people. Make you think. Make you laugh too. And to awaken the wonder again about this wonderful world in which we all live together…

At my exhibitions and events there are usually (short) acts in which I bring my own texts and poetry to the audience.

I am also the founder of

This is an academy for artists and creative entrepreneurs who want to find or expand their audience. The first step to increasing your online visibility is to have your own professional website. You learn how to make it yourself in WordPress. After that you can link to a mailing list, create landing pages, link to Facebook ads, score in Google, add a webshop, a course platform, etc.


At VDAB I train people who want to retrain themselves to become a PHP programmer . WordPress also uses PHP behind the scenes.

At the moment everything is increasingly coming together: art, ICT, education and entrepreneurship. I’m doing my own thing more and more. And I definitely want to keep doing that for a long time to come!